etwlogoThis is the first post of the Polish-Spanish project about smart use of smartphones. Students from Warsaw (Warszawa in Polish) are working together with Spanish students from Zaragoza, using smartphones to learn more about Sciencie, Poland, Spain and about the smartphone itself. It’s about science and smartphones… but it’s about learning from the others and meeting people from different countries. So, take a map (or your smartphone) and look for something about Zaragoza or Warsaw.

The blog is yours and a nice place to show our schools and families what we do at school and how our classroom is going to be bigger this year. Our activity will be divided into different tasks to know eachother and learning in a creative way. Have a look at the first task.

As you may notice, this blog has a special design, responsive,  and its look depends on the device you use to read it.

Be smart and so use your smartphone!

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